The Vandal Metalworks is a one man framebuilding operation based in Glasgow, Scotland. That one man is me, Ande DM. I am a professional bicycle mechanic who has also dabbled in visual arts and jewellery making.

The Vandal Metalworks fabrication takes place in my lock up garage using mainly basic, manual hand tools. This gives me a closer relationship with the metal and creates an end product with far more soul than mass produced frames or even those that are handmade with the use of mills and machinery.

I can work in either fillet brazed or lugged construction to build you the bicycle that you cannot get anywhere else. I believe cycling should, above all else, be thoroughly enjoyable and I strive to create bicycles that are as pleasurable to use as they are to behold.

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to discuss any projects, framebuilds or anything else you would like me to be involved with.